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NOTHING can make carbon disappear.

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Trees clean air by absorbing CO2— the main contributor to global warming.

Once harvested and manufactured, timber products can store carbon for decades, or even centuries!

By 2100, new forests could offset seven years' worth of global CO2 emissions.

Harvesting is not only good—it’s necessary.

Private working forests provide 54% of total carbon storage and 90% of the wood for forest products.


Using wood as a substitute for other materials could save 14%-31% of global CO2 emissions.

67 Million

Urban forests produce 67 million tons of oxygen annually — enough to offset the annual oxygen consumption of 2/3 of the US population.


Estimated aboveground tree biomass has increased by more than 32% over the last decade in the US.

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The importance of sustainability lies in the ability to preserve natural resources and ensure the well-being of current and future generations.

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Auburn University

Sustainable Biomaterials and Packaging


University of Idaho

Forest & Sustainable Products


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Sustainable Bioproducts


University of Maine

Sustainable Materials & Technology


Mississippi State

Sustainable Bioproducts


North Carolina State

Sustainable Materials & Technology


Oregon State University

Wood Innovation for Sustainability



Sustainable Biomaterials (Concentration)


Virginia Tech

Sustainable Biomaterials


West Virginia

Wood Science & Technology


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